Revolutionize recovery

The MyoMaster Story

MyoMaster was created with one goal: to revolutionize recovery. It’s all based on one radical idea. Recovery has the power to transform performance. It’s not just a love of sport that bought Lottie and Joe together. They were dedicated to developing a revolutionary way of taking care of their bodies and advancing performance. In the years since MyoMaster has been embraced by over 10,000 athletes. This is their story.


With A Frustrated Athlete

Picture this, an England and Harlequins rugby player sidelined from the sport he loved with the 12th major injury of his career. Desperate to get back to playing, he went in search of a solution.


A Revolutionary Device

He was supposed to be using his time off to fit his kitchen but instead he dismantled his drill, welded on a stool leg and started to use it on his calf and feet to see if it would ease the tension in his Achilles. After the first week he was blown away by how quickly his achillies was healing. Little did he know he'd just created the first of many prototypes for the MyoPro.

The Seed Was Planted In The Harlequins Changing Room

The next day, he took his new invention into Harlequins. Initially he was met with the kind of banter you would expect a man holding a stool leg, attached to a drill in a premiership rugby training room to receive. But it didn’t take long for his teammates to start trying, and loving his massage tool. They straight away noticed the impact it was having on their sore post-training muscles. When England player, Kyle Sinckler, grabbed his wallet and asked ‘how much?’ Joe realised he had created something that even the most established athletes could benefit from.

Two Athletes, One Mission

Seeing the difference this revolutionary device made for Joe and his team mates, got Lottie thinking about the transformative impact it could have on everyday athletes as well as professional ones.

She had been running marathons for years and felt there was a huge lack of knowledge and effective products to help athletes really master their recovery. She began to devlop the idea of a product range, developed by athletes and physios using the latest cutting edge technology .

They went on the hunt for a team of incredible engineers to start working on their mission - recovery products that would transform the performance of every athlete they meet.

The Journey Continues...

The MyoMaster range has now been embraced by over 10,000 athletes chasing their dreams, from elite athletes to everyday people doing extraordinary things. Joe and Lottie are passionate about building a community of athletes striving to be better and giving them the tools they need to unlock their best performance and there is no finish line is sight. 

Top Quality Products

We know that athletes never settle for second best, which is why all MyoMaster products are designed and produced to the ultimate quality. All our tools come with a 12 month warranty and we’re always here to help you out.

At Affordable Prices

We believe that elite level recovery shouldn’t come with a luxury price tag. We want to empower as many athletes as possible to reach their goals, which is why MyoMaster products are the most competitively priced recovery tools out there.

Supported By Experts

Game changing products designed by people at the top of their game. Team MyoMaster is powered by the knowledge and experience of professional athletes and leading physiotherapists. Together we create cutting edge products you know you can trust.

Enriched By Knowledge

MyoMaster is the home of elite recovery – and that extends far beyond massage therapy. From hydration and sleep, to nutrition and rest days – we’re here to share our expertise and help you build a comprehensive recovery plan, guaranteed to boost your performance.