The most powerful massager in the world.

The deep muscle treatment pros love with features you can’t find anywhere else. Unlock your peak performance with enhanced muscle recovery, reduced stress and tension and less pain. The MyoPro is the only percussive device on the planet designed by athletes for athletes.

How It Works

The MyoPro utilises our unique Ripple Effect™ technology, connecting with the front of the muscle and rippling through the full depth to create the deepest massage without any pain or discomfort. This has three scientifically proven benefits:

— Lengthening the muscle tissue improving mobility and range of motion

— Increased blood flow to the muscle rapidly warming them up pre-exercise

— Providing instant pain relief creating a new stimulus to override pain signals to the brain alleviating soreness and chronic pain within 60 seconds of use

What Makes the MyoPro Better? 

Althlete Led: MyoMaster was founded by elite athletes who truly understand Fully developed by with elite physiotherapists and athletes 

Unrivalled Depth: We work with some of the strongest athletes in the world and the depth of our massagers is athlete approved 

Massage Heads: We worked with world leading physios to design 8 unique massage heads that provide bespoke treatments to every single part of your body. From the XL scraper to ease tension in the quads to the human thumb providing trigger point therapy to work out every knot, one massager, 8 treatment methods.  

SilentPower™ Technology: When we can’t find the tech we want, we create it. We developed SilentPower™ technology to make a device that is 80% quieter than ordinary massagers without compromising on an inch of our market leading power 

What's Included?

— MyoPro
— Protective Carry Case
— 8 attachments :
      1. Ball
      2. Dampner
       3. XL Scraper
       4. Thumb
       5. Bull 
       6. Fork
       7. Paddle 
       8. Pinpoint
— Worldwide compatible charger
— Charging Stand

Warranty and Returns

We're so confident that our product will make a difference to your performance we offer a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee. Your MyoPro is also covered by an industry leading two year warranty.


We offer free next working day delivery, powerful performance on your doorstep within 24 hours. 

Eight Game Changing Attatchments - For the Performance Obssessed


Over 120mm wide, our
world leading XL scraper
mimics blade scraping
and is ideal for your larger
muscles including ITB,
quads & hamstrings


Over 120mm wide, our
world leading XL scraper
mimics blade scraping
and is ideal for your larger
muscles including ITB,
quads & hamstrings


Used at a 45 degree angle
to scrape smaller muscles
like calves or with the point
of the horns for particularly
niggly areas.


Ideal for treatment around
joints or anywhere close
to the bone, it will glide
softly over these hard to
treat areas delivering the
perfect massage.


Ideal for larger muscle
groups and general use.


Two pointed ends ideal
for up the spine, achilles
and forearm.


A flat head perfect for
warming the muscle up
pre any exercise.


Trigger point your specific
muscle knots with deep
pinpoint muscle release.

Features of the MyoPro

Unbeatable Stall Force for Unparalleled Power

No other motor delivers power quite like the motor we developed for the MyoPro. Our commercial grade motor with Silent Power technology delivers over 60lbs of stall force because we understand the depth our therapy delivers is key to the results.

Silent Power Technology

Once you try our patented Silent Power technology there will be no going back. The first brand in the world to deliver a whisper quiet machine that doesn’t compromise on exceptional power. The MyoPro is 40% quieter than average massagers on the market.

Aerograde Aluminum

The MyoPro is made with Aero Grade Aluminium, specially designed to create a lightweight exterior with heat dispersing technology. Far superior to other brands on the market who use heavy plastic shells which overheat.


We work with professional sports teams including Harlequins, CanyonDHB Cycling and multiple World’s Strongest athletes to create the optimal massage. They help develop and test all of our products before we bring them to market. We hav found that a 14mm depth is the perfect depth for deep fast and effective treatment.


Our Soft touch technology has LED indication for your battery life and 5 interchangeable speeds. It can also turn off the MyoPro at any stage of treatment no matter the level by simply holding the power button down.


Over 3 hours of use and a fast 1 hour charge cable – you will never go wanting when it comes to the battery power. The MyoPro battery is also removable, great for Teams & Physio’s where purchasing an additional battery enables non-stop use.


1kg / 2.2lbs – easy to hold and great for deep tissue massage control.


5 Changeable speeds

- Level 1 – 1600 rpm
- Level 2 – 2000 rpm
- Level 3 – 2400 rpm
- Level 4 – 2800 rpm
- Level 5 – 3200 rpm

MyoMaster Recovery Will Set You Apart

We’ve helped thousands of athletes reach new heights.

  • Performance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recovery

Any Questions We Haven't Answered?

What is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive therapy is a revolutionary treatment that increases blood flow to the muscle and decreases tension deep within the muscle. It can be used for a number of purposes from alleviating pain caused by overuse or injury to the muscle or helping to accelerate recovery after exercise and between training sessions. 

MyoMaster are the only recovery brand in the world led by athletes who have created a percussive massager that works in a completely different way because of three things:

Our unique massage heads

We have created 8 unique massage heads that can’t be found anyone else, each designed to provide specific treatment to a each core muscle group in your body. 

Incredible speed

Our 3200 percussion per minute speed makes the MyoPro the quickest and most effective treatment in the world. 

Stall Force 

Our devices can withstand 60lbs of pressure, that’s why they are loved by some of the world’s strongest athletes.

What are the specifications of the MyoPro?

The MyoPro has five speed levels meaning you can tailor the intensity of your treatment to suit your body:

Level 1: 1600 RMP

Level 2: 2000 RPM

Level 3: 2400 RPM

Level 4: 2800 RPM

Level 5: 3200 RPM

Battery Life: The MyoPro battery lasts for over 3 hours when fully charged, giving you multiple uses on the go before recharging

Stall force: You don’t have to worry about this, the MyoPro delivers 60lbs of stall force, tested and loved by many of our athletes at World Strongest Man and they’re as strong as they come ?

Removable battery: The MyoPro comes with a removable battery meaning you can travel with the device and recover wherever you are in the world

What is the battery life on the MyoPro?

The battery life is 3 hours when the device is fully charged. 

How will I know how to use the MyoPro?

After you purchase the MyoPro you will be sent a series of video tutorials that will guide you through how best to use each of our unique massage attachments, these are always accessible so you can refer back to them whenever you like. 

If you’ve got a specific question about treatment drop us an email or give us a call and one of our customer care team will come back to you.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

What if I want to speak to someone?

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The MyoMaster Promise

Industry leading warranty

2 year warranty - and we’ll even collect it from you.

Free Shipping

On orders over £30*

Improves performance, or your money back

60 days money back guarantee if you don’t feel the difference 

Safe checkout

100% safe and secure checkout

Loved by Elite Physiotherapists

Dr George Bownes, Musculoskeletal Physician British Institute of Sport

“I recommend MyoMaster products to every athlete I work with. Their range of products make taking care of your muscles and joints so much easier before and after training, I’ve seen first hand the difference they make to recovery time between training”

Michael Lancaster, Head of Medical, Harlequins Rugby Club

“What I love about MyoMaster is their commitment to quality, every single one of their products is a cut above everything else I’ve ever tried and I love that they are passionate about the education of recovery as well as creating innovative products.”

What's Included?

— MyoPro
— Protective Carry Case
— 8 attachments :
      1. Ball
      2. Dampner
       3. XL Scraper
       4. Thumb
       5. Bull 
       6. Fork
       7. Paddle 
       8. Pinpoint
— Worldwide compatible charger
— Charging Stand

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